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For anyone seeking a little ”EXTRA” - this podcast is for you! Tune in every week as we talk to not-so-ordinary women who are doing EXTRAordinary things! In our conversations, we look at ways women are tapping into their talents, gifts, and abilities to create success. Through personal stories and practical guidance, we get real, raw and unfiltered to talk about how to overcome challenges, celebrate triumphs, and align with Soul Purpose so, together, we can build a community where it’s ok to be a little bit EXTRA. Listen on YouTube (@TwoGalsandaMic) or wherever you get your podcasts!

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7 days ago

This week, I sit down with U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, Doreen Bender Johnson, to chat about her deep sense of compassion and love for others, which stems from the belief that we are all here for each other.
In this candid interview, Doreen shares her experiences about navigating racial animosity,  rebuilding post-divorce, the sense of joy that can be found when we take time to listen to others, and finding love again through the gift of dance.
When we follow our hearts and our passions, Doreen reminds us that that's where we find love. 
(Special shout-out to USMC Drill Sergeant Gripper...)

Friday Jul 05, 2024

This week, I'm chatting with Alex Mufson, a CEO, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and serial entrepreneur who started her first business at three years old. She built Aspen Growth Coaching, a values-led company from zero to seven figures in three years with no seed money, no investors and no compromises and is now on a personal and professional mission, through her latest venture, Rêv, to redirect the flow of capital from those who do harm with it to those who heal with it.
In this enlightening conversation, we talk about how to harness the power of Human Design to understand our uniqueness, and in doing so, revolutionize our lives so we may contribute to the world in the most authentic and positive ways possible. 
(Headshot: Kale Chesney)

Friday Jun 28, 2024

From runways to rooftops, Jessye Archer is a U.S. Air Force Veteran and expert homebuilder who has dedicated her professional career to building homes, neighborhoods, and relationships with homeowners and building professionals.
In this week's episode, Jessye shares her wisdom for dealing with fear, imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs to excel as an entrepreneur and, in her executive role, as the co-founder of South Haven Builders, a thriving luxury custom home building company in the Atlanta area. 
Jessye combines her passion for operations, engineering, and great design to lead teams and build relationships with families who can, because of her life's work, enjoy time at home on front porches, gathered at kitchen tables, and celebrating life's achievements. 

Friday Jun 21, 2024

Seven years ago, in her early 40's, artisan Dakota Meeks stepped away from her professional career in conservation, without much of a plan, but with a deep knowingness that she had to follow her purpose.
In this week's episode, we chat about Dakota's journey from an office space to her own place, where now, as a self-taught artisan, she uses wood, metal fabrication and epoxy to create functional art. Giving great advice about squaring up to fear, and eliminating limiting beliefs, Dakota is focusing on changing forward to believe bigger and continue her chosen path, on her terms. 
Visit to learn more about Dakota and her creative elements which, in her words, are "A Physical Manifestation of Who We Are & Who We Want to Be".

Friday Jun 14, 2024

(Trigger Warning: Episode contains conversations related to Military Sexual Trauma)
On this week's episode, Wendy Dumke, an Army Veteran and mom of two, shares her candid story of the 25-year secret she kept after surviving being raped during her time in service.
During this heartfelt conversation, Wendy shares her passion for helping other Military Sexual Trauma (MST) survivors move from negative spaces to positions of empowerment as they find hope and courage during their healing journeys.
To learn more about the work Wendy is doing through Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, visit: 

Friday Jun 07, 2024

Rachel Andras is a seasoned fly fishing guide and instructor, a busy mom of two, and a certified health coach. As a person who lives with intentionality, and with a spirit of no regrets, Rachel is using her many talents to help people thrive. 
In this engaging conversation, we chat about Rachel's journey in the fly fishing industry and the importance of perseverance. We also discuss her transition to becoming a health and wellness coach, experiences with aging and friendships, and the importance of leaning into the idea that it really is now or never.
To learn more about Rachel, visit her fishing website or follow her on Instagram @flyfishing4health. 

Friday May 31, 2024

On this week's episode, I sit down with Jen Stevane, MD, a board certified surgeon who is passionate about practicing a holistic approach to patient care by addressing the ways disease, injury and surgery can affect one’s sleep, nutrition, diet, stress, relationships and microbiome.
Dr. Jen has been working in and around surgery and its patients for over 20 years and, in 2020, started Integrative Surgical Care LLC to marry the ideas of eastern and western medicine together for the optimal surgical patient experience and create the concept of Surgical Wellness.
On this episode, we chat about this innovative approach to advocating for the whole surgical patient, while also exploring the importance of establishing and maintaining boundaries, to advocate for oneself. 

Saturday May 25, 2024

On this Memorial Day weekend, we are honoring our fallen Heroes by speaking with Hannah Moore, a Gold Star Sister who shares her walk through grief after losing her brother, who was enlisted in the Marine Corps and killed in the Line of Duty.
Now a Navy spouse and a mom to a 1-year-old, Hannah is using her love and her light to focus on moving forward by leaning into conservation through storytelling and Ecosystem Restoration planning. By being a good steward of the environment, and leaving things better than she found them, Hannah is creating a legacy for her son to enjoy landscapes, animals and ecosystems which are abundant and thriving. 
Her motto? "I left it all here on Mother Earth. I didn't hold back out of fear. And I want to go exhausted and arrive to the other side and say, 'Man, it was good.'"

Saturday Apr 27, 2024

On this last episode of Season 1, I sit down with Dr. Rebecka Pearson, who has almost two decades of experience in clinical mental health treatment and is passionate about not playing small but, instead, use her gifts and abilities to help first responders and Veterans heal from their unseen wounds. 
While she says, "We don't do anyone a service when we are not living up to our fullest potential," Rebecka's experience in navigating burnout has led to a solid belief that we all can play to our greatest potential only by setting boundaries and implementing self-care practices. 
Rebecka has come to terms with the fact that her vocation is not her identity and, through her own experiences with burnout and trauma, has been able to refine purpose and shift her impact by owning her expertise to supervise  clinicians and provide coaching opportunities for high-performing women who are on the precipice of burnout. 
You may learn more about Rebecka's private practice by visiting her website and her coaching endeavors by following her on Instagram at Fully Conscious Coach. 

Saturday Apr 20, 2024

On this week's episode, I sit down with Jesslyn Marie (Eiben), a Montana-based adventure elopement photographer, who provides backcountry weddings for those wildly in love. 
As someone who is passionate about the outdoors, Jesslyn is dedicated to planning and photographing amazing weddings that throw out the rulebook, and intentionally celebrate relationships through purposeful, intimate experiences which cater to her clients' wishes rather than those of others.
To find more about Jesslyn's wedding and her elopement services, visit: 

Friday Apr 12, 2024

Sabrina Hanan is a seasoned therapist who started her journey as a contracted Behavioral Analyst for the FBI. Using her ability to create attachments, she spent two decades helping survivors recover from sex trafficking, kidnapping and ransom situations. 
As a neurodivergent therapist, Sabrina now specializes in working with couples and those who identify as neurodivergent, using Internal Family Systems, to help clients with depression, anxiety, stress and conflicts. 
In this episode, I sit down with Sabrina to explore what it looks like when the immutable Authentic Self -- the soul, the spirit, the core -- intersects with the sum of one's parts to provide the inherent Wisdom needed to live our best lives.
Find out more about Sabrina's work at:  

Friday Apr 05, 2024

Amanda Diehl, a self-proclaimed accidental entrepreneur, is the owner of Sky Oro, which exists to create consistent space and experiences for women to deeply connect and support one another.
As a wild Montana woman who lives to adventure and love on the ones God puts in front her, Amanda shares her entrepreneurial origin story, and the importance of living in your Zone of Genius. 
Visit the Sky Oro website to learn more about this community, which is creating safe, powerful and intentional space for women to build meaningful relationships through the power of connection. 

Friday Mar 29, 2024

This week, I sit down with Liz Luehder, a registered nurse and infomatics guru, who uses her "gift of gab" to spread love and light everywhere -- even in the grocery store's checkout line!
As an avid adventurer, a mom, and an eternal optimist, Liz's superpower is rooted in bringing people together. Believing anyone can be friends, Liz says, "the magic happens when the common thread is found." 

Friday Mar 22, 2024

On this week's episode, I'm sitting down with Erika Lamberth, who is using her crisis communication skills to help organizations prepare for man-made and natural disasters. By approaching everything in life as an opportunity for growth, Erika thrives on helping people in their time of need while living with a life motto that reminds us that life is short, and we shouldn't ever say "I wonder what would have happened if..."
Erika finds balance through mentoring young adults, reconnecting with a family she didn't even know she had, and following her passion for public speaking, where she is on a mission to make it all the way to the Toastmasters International competition. 
You can follow Erika's journey on LinkedIn:

Friday Mar 15, 2024

With a heart for adventure, Tara Nyikos, PhD., is an Air Force Veteran who lives in the Colorado mountains and volunteers her time as the Denver Chapter lead for Patrol Base Abbate. 
Tara is a Cowboy Mounted Shooting National Champion who is not afraid to be vulnerable and explore new things in the pursuit of helping Veterans find connection and purpose.
Now she is using her experience and passion to create a lasting legacy where people will say, "Tara had a heart of service, and she served others well."
For more information on Patrol Base Abbate, or Tara's fundraising efforts for the 2024 program, visit: 

Friday Mar 08, 2024

Katie Dahlheim is dedicated to helping resolve some of the food insecurity issues that plague South Carolina's Lowcountry. Almost a decade ago, she implemented The Lowcountry Blessing Box Project, which is a network of more than 400 anonymous food donation sites around the state, with the motto "Leave what you can, take what you need." 
In this week's episode, prepare to be inspired by this mom and practicing attorney who took an idea and made it blossom into a network that helps feed roughly 65,000 people per year. 
If you're interested in creating Blessing Boxes in your community, you can access Katie's step-by-step blueprint for establishing a network of free pantries in your neighborhood: Building a Kindness Army: The Passionate Fight against Food Insecurity 
CLICK HERE to learn more about The Lowcountry Blessing Box project. 

Friday Mar 01, 2024

As an emergency dispatcher for the better part of 15 years, and suffering an unspeakable trauma while on the job, Erin McMicheal changed course and became an equine therapy instructor to help Veterans and military members who struggle with PTSD. 
Now, as the Self-directed Harm Prevention Specialist for the Washington National Guard, Erin uses her history and experience to help normalize mental health end encourage help-seeking behavior. 
Erin continues to practice empathy and is learning vulnerability as she uses her pain to fuel passion, which includes developing her 33-acre property, at the base of Mount Rainier, into a refuge and a place of healing. 

Friday Feb 23, 2024

Karen Vasquez, a Navy Veteran and Veteran's healthcare aficionado, talks about what it looks like to be your own best advocate.
Despite battling sexual harassment and gender inequality during her time in the military, and then learning to live with an unexpected medical diagnosis that would prove to be life-changing, Karen found humor to be her best medicine. 
Now, as a comedienne and staunch advocate for women Veterans, Karen is sharing her story about learning to live with a chronic illness with the hope of helping others ask better questions and giving people permission to laugh at life's scary things. 
Connect with Karen on Instagram (@karenovasquez).

Friday Feb 16, 2024

On this week's show, I sit down with Jamicka Edwards, who is a proud Army Veteran, published author and marathon runner.
For more than a decade, Jamicka has been on a quest to ensure everyone knows their purpose in life and know they matter. In 2014, she published You Matter, What would living in your purpose everyday look like? and created a follow-on book tour to help people discover their purpose and live in it every day. 
Jamicka is also an avid marathon runner who started running to heal from her divorce and rediscover herself. Now, with 6 marathons, 40 Half Marathons, a 50k, and the distance of running 42 miles in one day for her 42nd birthday under her belt, Jamicka is on a mission to take her passion to the 2024 Boston Marathon as a charity runner, raising funds for the NEWTON POLICE MEMORIAL ASSOCIATION!
If you'd like to support Jamicka on her Boston Marathon journey, check out her fundraising page!

Friday Feb 09, 2024

On this week's episode, I have the pleasure of sitting down with Sydney Abbott, a 22-year-old Kentucky native, who is building roots in Montana as a fly fishing guide and instructor. 
Sydney shares her best advice on being a trailblazer and living a life with no regrets. With a balance of spontaneity and thoughtful consideration, Sydney talks about the choices that have led her to chase her dreams and pursue ambitious goals, including the path to becoming a pilot.  
So, how do you live a life without regret? Sydney's best advice is to acknowledge your fears, rely on family, and know that life is short and you only have one go-around to do the things you want to do! So...get after it! 

Friday Feb 02, 2024

On this week's episode, Tricia Augeri shares her journey on navigating through two toxic relationships and turning the trauma of those events into triumph. 
Tricia is now on a journey to find herself and help other women embrace what they've been designed to do. With the knowledge of her God-given calling and passions, Tricia shares ways we can establish boundaries, not allow other people's thoughts or action define us, and live into who we are designed to be!

Friday Jan 26, 2024

This week, I sat down with Air Force Veteran, Karen Cook, to chat about innovative and creative ways she uses art, volunteers and the Internet to help our nation's Heroes heal. 
With a background in humanitarian work, disaster response, and Veteran and Armed Forces programming, Karen is helping us all understand that taking chances is a necessary part of doing business. In our conversation, we discover that when we try those things that are calling to us - even if they seem interesting, or maybe even a little crazy, they often can blossom into opportunities larger and more impactful than we ever could have imagined! 

Friday Jan 19, 2024

On this week's episode, I sit down with Jennifer Parscal, a self-proclaimed organized chaos expert, who shares her insights and inspiration as the spouse of a now-retired Green Beret, who served for almost two decades as a Special Forces Operator in the U.S. Army Special Forces. 
While supporting her household and husband through multiple combat deployments, Jen found her footing and employed creativity to juggle the needs of her family with her personal health and fitness goals, including qualifying for the Boston Marathon five times.
In 2022, her husband retired from the Army and Jen and her family relocated to Bozeman, Montana, where she now runs a professional cleaning and organizing company and continues to be a positive role model for her three kids, who are now 16, 14, and 11 years old. 
Jen firmly believes that you CAN have it all if you approach life with the mindset that, "There's no I anymore. It's a WE thing. You put the WE before the ME."  And that's how she finds success. 

Friday Jan 12, 2024

Have you ever considered going on a fly fishing adventure - even as a SOLO angler? On this week's episode, I chat with Steph Albano, the founder and owner of Finatical Flyfishing, which focuses on flyfishing travel for women, by women. 
Steph has enjoyed flyfishing travel most of her life and built these experiences around knowledgeable, skilled, high quality guide operations and amazing locations.
Steph's best piece of life advice? "Just do it. Stepping out of your comfort zone is hard and sometimes does require a leap of faith. One step does lead to another opportunity. Once you leap, you'll experience more than you imagined and enjoy a life you might not have thought possible."
Ready to take the leap? Book your bucket list adventure here:



Sue has long held a passion for service and helping others.  As an avid fly fisherwoman, an outdoor enthusiast, a Coast Guard Veteran and a licensed maritime Captain, Sue is now on a mission to use her knowledge and personal experiences to help all women feel empowered and encouraged to live lives filled with passion and purpose. 

In 2021, Sue moved to Bozeman where she obtained her Montana State fly fishing guide license and founded Two Gals and a Boat, with the goal of practicing strong conservation principles, creating community and educating, encouraging and empowering women to

feel confident to explore the outdoors on their own or with others.

Prior to joining the Coast Guard, Sue taught English and Sustainable Development in Areka, Ethiopia as a Peace Corps volunteer.  When she returned, Sue taught school, crewed on a 40’ catamaran, and went on to establish a career in the Federal service with focused efforts on communicating the importance of protecting our public lands, waters and species. 



Interested in telling your story?

Connect with Sue on LinkedIn or email her directly!

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